Hairy Bikers to headline The Housewares Innovation Awards 2017 ceremony

HB Logo Sept 16With their irresistible enthusiasm, Si King and Dave Myers, aka The Hairy Bikers, have become national treasures and are presenting the coveted awards at the Housewares Innovation Awards 2017, which are proudly sponsored by homewares company, Europasonic! 

Big hearted, down-to-earth cooks with a love of good food, they have been cooking together for more than twenty years. They have created dishes with Michelin-starred chefs and travelled the world in the pursuit of great food. They’ve also explored the British Isles to discover brand new recipes and create their own takes on cooking classics. The stars of several hit television shows, they are the UK’s most popular cookery writing duo!

The conquering, cookery heroes have now revved up a gear! With their nurturing, generosity of spirit that encourages the cook in everyone; they have created a solid range of premium quality kitchenware. The Hairy Bikers’ range has big personality, bigger sizes, bold colours and large capacities to hold larger portions. The range extends into electrical items, cast-iron cookware, oven-to-table ceramic dishes, non-stick bakeware, knives and even items that are uniquely Hairy Bikers, such as the Hairy Bikers’ cast iron Dutch oven, innovative pie maker and big bread maker. Aligned to their knock-out, chart-topping Hairy Dieters cookbook is the bullet blender, halogen air fryer and ceramic health grill; you don’t have to go hungry to go healthy!

The bikers are showing no signs of slowing down as they have ripped full throttle, through another successful year on our screens. The Hairy Bikers most recent series ‘Chicken & Egg’ on BBC2 is deemed as one of their best adventures to date, drawing audiences of around 2 million per episode. They have also published a further two books: a tie-in to The Hairy Bikers’ ‘Chicken & Egg’ TV series and ‘The Hairy Dieters: Fast Food’. They will continue to extend their TV and book catalogue with further series and publications in 2017.

The Hairy Bikers are brought to you by the Awards’ main sponsor